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About the project

Ulearn is an online learning platform that allows users to learn different languages, from English, Italian and French to Spanish. The site not only simplifies the process of learning a new language but makes it fun and engaging, with a personalized approach for each user's needs. The platform includes articles, videos and audio lessons on different topics. Through its own social network, you can meet other learners who share your interests and start an online exchange.

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The main goal of the project was to create a modern and convenient learning platform for various languages.  You can choose a teacher in the language of your choice, who will help you with homework and give you useful tips for studying more efficiently. The site has been designed with a clear vision and concept of how it should work from the start: how to make the registration process as smooth as possible, how to make payments simple and safe.

We're also very proud to have been awarded the project to upgrade the Ulearn user experience.  uLearn is a project that gave us the space to use all our skills, expertise and knowledge of design systems in order to create an efficient, flexible and scalable tool. The result was a colorful, creative, dynamic and responsive website. Our ability to do all kinds of design tasks for a visual identity upgrade is something we always emphasize as a perk of working with us.

“I've really enjoyed working with Fabulo, it was fun and efficient. Even though the project was complex, they made it look like an easy task, and of course, made it look beautiful. The final product - our website is colorful, dynamic and easy to use for everyone!“

Mohammad B. A.