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About the project

Virtual pro gaming (VPG) is a web platform for esport community. It’s a online platform that players can use to compete against each other in various matches and tournaments. This platform gives players a wide variety of options on how they want to compete. Its has it’s own rewards system where players can earn various rewards depending on the difficulty and the rank of the tournament.

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The first version of VPG did not follow the most recent trend in Esport design and many problems surrounded the user experience. The aim was to create a modern design that reflects the esport gaming industry and to simplify the user exprience. The platform has a large community of registered 300.000 users and we wanted to create a tool to address this big enviroment, thourgh web and mobile.

After 2 months of collaboration, we’ve successfully completed the new VPG brand website and mobile UI. Working on VPG (Virtual Pro Gaming) project and operating closely with Arron turned into a massive experience on our team, finding out what the eSports are really about, and making us ready for the next projects in growing gaming industry. We continued to work with VPG on developing and updating their content material via web and mobile and we’re proud to be a part of their fascinating adventure.

The project for the VPG was very big, Fabulo looked into every aspect of my brand to design an exceptional UI for my esports platform, desktop and mobile. A fantastic team that brought my brand to life.”

Arron Dellosa

Founder of VPG
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